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This course offers you deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns in relationship. It trains you to better catch triggers, pause, and calm yourself. It increases your skills for repair. It advances your personal healing through guided compasionate self-inquiry. Learn how to strengthen relationship through regularly clearing the air and making solid agreements with your partner.


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What you get from the course:

16 Valuable Modules For Growth

The real underlying causes of triggers and reactivity.

Identify the true unmet needs at the root of triggering.

A powerful tool to stop destructive communication.

Have a simple way to talk about upsets to repair them.

Early warning signs of brewing upsets and triggering.

Learn to effectively restore happiness and connection.

Tools to calm down and get access to the best in you.

Common communication errors that make things worse.

The healing power of soothing touch and connection.

Communication practices to maintain relationship health.

Take stock of your unproductive communication habits.

Heal your old wounds to increase your present happiness.

Question your inner negative beliefs and mental stories.

Body awareness practices for inner healing and resilience.

Understand how the past shapes your current triggers.

New rules to keep your relationship strong and happy.

Decades of development
makes this course uniquely powerful.

The developers of this course, Susan Cambell, PhD and John Grey, PhD, have over three decades of experience in successfully helping couples.

Having helped thousands of couples enjoy more intimate, fulfilling partnerships, their approach is based in scientific research on the keys to relationship satisfaction.

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Deepen your knowledge from the ground up!

  • Gain solid understandings directly from the creators of the app.
  • Get exercises that train you in key communication skills.
  • Learn as you heal personal wounds and past sensitivities.

Become the happy couple you really want to be.

  • Happy couples know how to repair upsets. Now you can too.
  • Quickly heal misunderstandings and restore harmony.
  • Turn your relationship around and keep on a positive track.

The learning is simple, fun, and heart-warming.

  • Open new levels of trust, intimacy, understanding, and forgiveness.
  • Discover the exact words that will touch your partners heart.
  • Restore your sense of agency, connection, and hope.

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You don’t know the app yet?

Why Are We Doing It?

The 5 Minute repair is brought to you by Learning Love 24

Dr. Susan Campbell

Dr. Susan Campbell

Susan received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1967, and later went on to become a member of that school’s prestigious graduate faculty where she founded their couple and family therapy graduate program. Since then she has worked with thousands of couples, written eleven books on relationships, and trained hundreds of coaches. Her groundbreaking book, The Couples Journey: Intimacy as a Path to Wholeness, published in 1980, was the first popular book that introduced mainstream audiences to the idea of relationship as spiritual practice.

Dr. John Grey

Dr. John Grey

John received his Ph.D. in psychology in 1975 from Stanford University, where he taught and co-founded a major research center. His psychological research has been cited by dozens of university textbooks and thousands of research papers. Since 1990 he has been conducting intensive couples retreats and is a recognized pioneer of this approach. Having successfully helped thousands of couples, he is also a founding faculty member of a prominent couples therapy training organization, teaching marriage counselors and therapists a highly effective, scientific-based approach to helping couples.

Dr. Volker Siems

Dr. Volker Siems

Volker recieved his Ph.D. in anthropology from Euroean University Viadrina in Frankfurt-Oder in 2005. Volker has build several digital products as a product developer and consulted organizations and management for more than 15 years. As an anthropologist he is particularly interested in human relations and societal change. He is the founder of the neighborhood network Polly & Bob in Berlin. A tremendously failing relationship inspired him to found Learning Love 24, the school of love and relationships that is presenting the 5-Minute Repair App.

We founded Learning Love 24 to improve couple therapy and make it available to everybody…

because we believe that a healthy society begins with healthy relationships.


Changing the world one heart at a time. Sometimes two.